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Film Vampire terbaik sepanjang sejarah

Vampires are mythological creatures, famous in folklore for their need to feed on the blood of animals and humans for survival. While regarded as part of the horror genre, vampire films do have their own characteristic style, as many motifs have spawned from the famous 1897 Bram Stoker novel Dracula. But Dracula himself originated from Southeast Europe and was not the first vampire myth; cultures such as the Mesopotamians, Hebrews and Romans have long had tales of demons and spirits that would drink blood and feast on flesh.

Filmmakers have interpreted the cult of vampires in many ways, some emphasizing the primal and ancient instinct of the ungodly, while others using vampires as tools to introduce generic horror and gore. For example, vampires have been portrayed as rock stars in Queen of the Damned, next door neighbors in Fright Night, space creatures in Lifeforce, melancholic aristocrats in Interview with the Vampire and criminals in From Dusk Till Dawn.

The female vampire has been depicted in many forms as well; as beautiful lesbians in Vampyros Lesbos and sexual predators in movies like Vampyres and Rabid. Eroticism and seduction are emphasized for the female vampire, whose desire for blood is inextricably intertwined with her lust for pleasure.

Vampire comedy is a sub-genre which tries to make light of the vampire myth, by appealing to the popular culture. Buffy the Vampire SlayerBlacula and Jesus Chris Vampire Hunter are some films which appear in this popcorn niche. Most of these films are dismissed as B-grade trash, although some gradually develop a minor cult following.

Ranking the List

Following our previous feature on the Top 50 Dystopian Movies of all Time, we thought it would be fun to do a list of the Top 70 Vampire films and rank them according to the average IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes scores for each movie.

As you will probably know, the Internet Movie Database allows movie fans and registered users to rate each movie from 1 to 10 and the final score is said to reflect the general audience’s view of the movie. In contrast, Rotten Tomatoes rates their movies by collecting and tabulating the reviews given by professional film critics. We’ve taken both ratings, added them together and found an average score for each film.

This list may not be definitive but hopefully it will introduce everyone to some of the great vampire movies out there. Do leave a comment if you’ve enjoyed or really hated any of the films on the list. Feel free to subscribe to our website in order to receive updates on future articles.

70. Bordello of Blood (1996)

Bordello of Blood

From the darkest corner of the earth, Lilith, the most bloodthirsty seductress ever, has been resurrected by rock ‘n’ roll televangelist Reverend Jimmy Currant. Operating from a secret hideaway beneath a mortuary, Lilith, a ravishing, red-haired, fanged beauty, and her newly recruited army of insatiable vampires are open for business. A coded password and a fiery ride in a coffin bring you to the Bordello of Blood, where pleasure awaits and unsuspecting clients experience the most frightful fun of their lives. (Directed by Gil Adler)

IMDB: 4.6 | Rotten Tomatoes: 3.3 | Average: 3.95

69. Vampire in Brooklyn (1995)

Vampire in Brooklyn

Maximillian is a vampire. He knows no mercy and has no regret. He can transform himself in a thousand different ways. Max has ventures to New York City in search of Rita Veder, an NYPD detective who is unaware of their unique blood bond. As Max and Julius, his hapless ghoul, attempt to transform Rita into Max’s vampiress, her devoted NYPD partner Justice finds he has much at stake in protecting her from an age-old spell. (Directed by Wes Craven)

IMDB: 4.3 | Rotten Tomatoes: 3.7 | Average: 4.0

68. Dracula 2000 (2000)

Dracula 2000

In this update of the vampire classic, the fate of the world is in jeopardy when a group of immortality seekers steal the corpse of Dracula and only the last of the Van Helsing line can stop them. In the millennium version of this classic Gothic horror we find Abraham Van Helsing, who has tangled with Count Dracula in the past, working as an English antiques dealer. Simon is a vampire hunter in training under his apprenticeship. Van Helsing and Simon travel from London to New Orleans to rescue Van Helsing’s daughter Mary from the family’s life long nemesis. (Directed by Patrick Lussier)

IMDB: 4.7 | Rotten Tomatoes: 3.6 | Average: 4.15

67. Queen of the Damned (2002)

Queen of the Damned

Legendary Vampire Lestat has risen from a decades-long slumber, determined to step out into the light. No longer content with being banished to the shadows, moving among mortals who never truly see him for what he is, Lestat has re-invented himself as the closest thing to a god on Earth: a rock star. The intoxicating lure of his music has snaked its way around the globe, ultimately finding the ear of the slumbering ancient Queen Akasha in her crypt beneath the Arctic ice. Mother of all Vampires, Akasha has been resting for centuries, waiting for the right time to rise again and seize dominion over the world. Lestat’s music is the revelation she has been waiting for, and she desires that he rule beside her. (Directed by Michael Rymer)

IMDB: 4.6 | Rotten Tomatoes: 3.8 | Average: 4.2

66. The Forsaken (2001)

The Forsaken

Driving from L.A. to Florida to deliver a vintage Mercedes and attend his sister’s wedding, Sean decides to pick up hitchhiker Nick. From that moment on, his cross country road trip is transformed into a surreal and blood-soaked nightmare. Sean soon realizes that Nick is not the laid back, aimless traveler he seems. He is a vampire hunter who preys upon the Bloodletters, a roving band of forsaken youths who viciously feed on the hapless victims they find in the dead of night, along deserted highways. (Directed by J.S. Cardone)

IMDB: 5.0 | Rotten Tomatoes: 3.4 | Average: 4.2

65. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the story of an American cheerleader who holds the destiny of being the Slayer; the one woman who holds the duty of defending the world from vampires. With her best friends slowly abandoning her, Buffy finds solace in the town outcast, Pike, who knows very well the terror of vampires. Together, they combat the forces of the old and powerful vampire, Lothos, who has his eyes set on Buffy. (Directed by Fran Rubel Kuzui)

IMDB: 5.3 | Rotten Tomatoes: 4.1 | Average: 4.7

64. The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1974)

The Satanic Rites of Dracula

In this modern update of the Dracula saga, Count Dracula (Christopher Lee) leads a Satanic cult of prominent scientists and politicians into developing a gruesome plague virus. His only obstacle is his old nemesis Lorimar Van Helsing (Peter Cushing). The Count poses as an isolated billionaire, and holds hostage Van Helsing’s granddaughter (Joanna Lumley). Though Van Helsing does not realize that his arch enemy is the same person responsible for the plague, but sets about trying to rescue his granddaughter. (Directed by Alan Gibson)

IMDB: 5.2 | Rotten Tomatoes: 4.2 | Average: 4.7

63. Blacula (1972)


A curse from Count Dracula turns African prince Mamuwalde into Blacula. Two hundred years later, having been recently released from his his coffined bondage, he hits the mean streets of L.A. looking for his lost princess. (Directed by William Crain)

IMDB: 5.3 | Rotten Tomatoes: 4.3 | Average: 4.8

62. Van Helsing (2004)

Van Helsing

Gabriel Van Helsing is a man cursed with a past he cannot recall and driven by a mission he cannot deny. Charged by a secret organization to seek out and defeat evil the world over, his efforts to rid the world of its nightmareish creatures have been rewarded with the title that now  follows him: murderer. Van Helsing roams the globe an outcast and fugitive, hunted by those who don’t understand the true nature of his calling. When dispatched to the shadowy world of Transylvania, Van Helsing finds it ruled by the evil and seductive vampire, Count Dracula. And it is Dracula that Van Helsing has been sent to terminate. (Directed by Stephen Sommers)

IMDB: 5.4 | Rotten Tomatoes: 4.2 | Average: 4.8

61. Fright Night Part 2 (1988)

Fright Night Part 2

Three years after killing the vampire in the original Fright Night movie, Charlie begins to believe it was all his imagination and starts to forget that vampires truly exist - until four strangers lead by Regina, a noted actress, arrives at Peter Vincent’s house and starts to have an unhealthy interest in Charlie, Peter and Charlie’s new girlfriend Alex. It becomes clear that Regina is Jerry’s (vampire in the first film) sister and she is determined to get revenge on the friends and plans to  turn Charlie into a vampire - so that he can face his punishment for all eternity. (Directed by Tommy Lee Wallace)

IMDB: 5.2 | Rotten Tomatoes: 4.7 | Average: 4.95

60. Vamp (1986)


A couple of college kids scouring the sleazy, local red-light district for a stripper for their party make the mistake of visiting the After Dark Club, where a vampiric Grace Jones is the marquee talent. Keith, Vic, and A.J., looking for strippers for their next frat party, unfortunately happen upon the only strip joint in town staffed and run by vampires. It isn’t long before two of the boys have joined the ranks of the undead, complicating things for their fraternity brothers and their roommates. A kinky, often comedic modern-day vampire tale. (Directed by Richard Wenk)

IMDB: 5.0 | Rotten Tomatoes: 5.1 | Average: 5.05

59. Blade: Trinity (2004)

Blade Trinity

Deep in a remote desert, vampire leaders are resurrecting Dracula, the horrific creature who spawned their race. Now known as Drake, this awesome vampire has unique powers that allow him to exist in daylight. Blade reluctantly teams up with the Nightstalkers, a group of human vampire hunters led by Whistler’s beautiful daughter, Abigail, and the wisecracking Hannibal King. While their blind scientist Sommerfield works on creating a final solution for the vampire problem, the Nightstalkers launch a relentless series of battles against Dracula’s gang of the undead. (Directed by David S. Goyer)

IMDB: 5.7 | Rotten Tomatoes: 4.4 | Average: 5.05

58. Underworld: Evolution (2006)

Underworld Evolution

This movie continues the saga of war between vampires and werewolves (Lycans). The film traces the beginnings of the ancient feud between the two tribes as Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and Michael (Scott Speedman), the lycan hybrid, try to discover the secrets of their bloodlines. All of this takes them into the battle to end all wars as the immortals must finally face their retribution. (Directed by Len Wiseman)

IMDB: 6.6 | Rotten Tomatoes: 3.7 | Average: 5.15

57. Lifeforce (1985)


A space exploration crew brings back a human-looking, vampire-like “space girl,” who threatens to bring about armageddon. Perhaps tongue-in-cheek, it is at turns a science fiction, vampire and disaster film. (Directed by Tobe Hooper)

IMDB: 5.7 | Rotten Tomatoes: 5.0 | Average: 5.35

56. The Night Flier (1997)

The Night Flier

A muckraking “dirt-digger” for a supermarket tabloid follows a mysterious lead on the ride of his life. It seems that wherever a private plane lands, a rash of unexplained killings breaks out, but only at night. Could the plane be ferrying a serial killer or a 20th-century vampire? (Directed by Mark Pavia)

IMDB: 5.5 | Rotten Tomatoes: 5.2 | Average: 5.35

55. John Carpenter’s Vampires (1998)

John Carpenter's Vampires

By night, vampires rise from graves in search of human prey. By day, vampire slayer Jack Crow leads a contingent of Vatican mercenaries in a long-waged war against these enemies. After destroying a vampire nest in rural Mexico, ‘Team Crow’ is savagely ambushed during the victory celebration by the unholy Valek, a vicious 600-year-old vampire. Valek is nearing the end of a long search for the Berziers Cross, the implement of ritual that can give him all the vampires succeeding him omnipotent power to walk in the daylight. (Directed by John Carpenter)

IMDB: 5.7 | Rotten Tomatoes: 5.1 | Average: 5.4

54. Vampyros Lesbos (1970)

Vampyros Lesbos

An erotic horror tale about a vixen vampiress seducing and killing women to appease her insatiable thirst for female blood. Linda is a young American lawyer, working in a law office in Istanbul. During the night, she has passionate dreams in which a sexy brunette harasses, and makes love to her, from which she’s unable to defend herself. A minor case about an inheritance forces her to travel to one of the small islands off the Turkish coast. Then, her nightmares come upon her - in a lively manner. (Directed by Jesus Franco)

IMDB: 5.4 | Rotten Tomatoes: 5.4 | Average: 5.4

53. Innocent Blood (1992)

Innocent Blood

Marie, a female vampire with a conscience, decides to restrict her feeding requirements to the violent Pittsburgh gangsters who are at large in the city. Marie’s victims become vampires themselves if she fails to permanently immobilise them, so when this happens, the gangsters become a serious problem which she has to fix. (Directed by John Landis)

IMDB: 5.8 | Rotten Tomatoes: 5.2 | Average: 5.5

52. Ganja & Hess (1973)

Ganja and Hess

A New York anthropologist, Dr. Hess Green, is embroiled in a study of the lost ancient African culture of Myrthia, a nation that died out due to a communicable parasite that fed on human blood. During his research, Dr. Green is stabbed with a jewel-encrusted Myrthian dagger by his crazed assistant and finds that he has become infected with the virus, turning him into a vampire-like creature who is addicted to blood and fancies himself an invincible African God; and who turns his wife, Ganja, into a vampire as well. (Directed by Bill Gunn)

IMDB: 5.3 | Rotten Tomatoes: 5.7 | Average: 5.5

51. Subspecies (1991)


The evil vampire villain Radu returns to his hometown of Prejnar, after spending years in exile. He steals the precious blood stone which is said to be bleeding from all saints, from his father and kills him. Meanwhile two American schoolgirls teams up with a local girl for a work on Romanian culture. Radu becomes attracted to them but runs into trouble when his brother Stephan helps the girls. (Directed by Ted Nicolaou)

IMDB: 5.1 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.0 | Average: 5.55

50. Underworld (2003)


For centuries, two races have evolved hidden deeply within human culture, the aristocratic, sophisticated Vampires, and the brutal, feral Lycans (werewolves). To humanity, their existence is no more than a whisper of a myth. But to each other, they are lifelong mortal rivals, sworn to wage a secret war until only one race is left standing. A Vampire warrior, Selene discovers a secret that has terrifying repercussions for both tribes - a nefarious plan to awaken a new invincible species of predator that combines the strengths of both creatures and the weaknesses of neither. (Directed by Len Wiseman)

IMDB: 6.6 | Rotten Tomatoes: 4.7 | Average:5.65

49. The Vampire Lovers (1970)

The Vampire Lovers

The very life force of a young woman is slowly drained from her each time she makes love to her lesbian lover. Her angry father is understandably upset at her choice of a vampire for a sexual partner. The incomparable Ingrid Pitt is in fine form in this erotically charged 1970 effort from England’s Hammer House of Horror. (Directed by Roy Ward Baker)

IMDB: 6.2 | Rotten Tomatoes: 5.1 | Average: 5.65

48. The Hunger (1983)

The Hunger

Miriam, a beautiful vampire, preys on NYC clubgoers with her vampire lover John. When John suddenly begins to age rapidly, he seeks out the help of Sarah, an expert on premature aging. However, the insatiable Miriam wants Sarah for herself and seduces her, leaving Sarah with an increasing thirst for blood. (Directed by Tony Scott)

IMDB: 6.2 | Rotten Tomatoes: 5.1 | Average: 5.65

47. The Wisdom of Crocodiles (1998)

The Wisdom of Crocodiles

Handsome, witty, successful Steve Griscz has a special way with women: he seduces them quickly by winning their trust. This is more than just a game for Steve; he can’t live without these women, literally, because he’s a vampire and requires their blood for sustenance. When the body of his latest conquest turns up, Steve decides to get involved in the investigation before the trail leads back to him. (Directed by Po-Chih Leong)

IMDB: 6.2 | Rotten Tomatoes: 5.3 | Average: 5.75

46. Blood for Dracula (1974) AKA Andy Warhol’s Dracula

Blood for Dracula AKA Andy Warhol's Dracula

Count Dracula knows that if he fails to drink a required amount of pure virgin’s blood, he’ll die. His assistant suggests that the Count and he pick up his coffin and take a road trip to Italy, where families are known to be particularly religious, and therefore should be an excellent place to search for a virgin bride. They do, only to encounter a family with not one, but four virgins, ready for marriage. The Count discovers one-by-one that the girls are not as pure as they say they are, meanwhile a handsome servant begins to observe strange behaviour from the girls who do spend the night with the Count. It’s a race for Dracula to discover who’s the real virgin, before he either dies from malnourishment or from the wooden stake of the servant. (Directed by Paul Morrissey)

IMDB: 5.7 | Rotten Tomatoes: 5.8 | Average: 5.75

45. The Return of the Vampire (1944)

The Return of the Vampire

In 1918, an English family are terrorized by a vampire, until they learn how to deal with it. They think their troubles are over, but German bombs in WWII free the monster. He reclaims the soul of his wolfman ex-servant, and assuming the identity of a scientist who has just escaped from a concentration camp, he starts out on a plan to get revenge upon the family. (Directed by Lew Landers)

IMDB: 5.5 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.0 | Average: 5.75

44. Son of Dracula (1943)

Son of Dracula

The count, calling himself Count Alucard (Lon Chaney, Jr.) travels to the United States to visit a lovely, but macabre heiress, Katherine Caldwell (Louise Allbritton). Against the wishes of her fiance (Frank Stanley), Katherine tries to satisfy her interest in immortality by initiating a relationship with the evil Count. (Directed by Robert Siodmak)

IMDB: 6.0 | Rotten Tomatoes: 5.6 | Average: 5.8

43. Frostbitten (2006)


A doctor and her teenage daughter relocate to a small town in Scandinavia’s frigid far north in this Swedish horror flick. They realize something strange is going on in the town, but when the vampires emerge to attack, there’s nowhere to hide in winter’s perpetual night. (Directed by Anders Banke)

IMDB: 5.6 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.0 | Average: 5.8

42. BioHunter (1995)


Popular horror director Yoshisaki Kawajiri (Ninja Scroll) served as head writer on this 1995 feature. Komada and Koshigaya are scientists and Bio Hunters, agents who battle the Demon Virus that causes humans to mutate into strange monsters. Komada has contracted the virus, but something in his immune system enables him to control his transformations. When Komada rescues Sayaka Murakami, the granddaughter of a famed psychic, from a gang of thugs, he unwittingly pits the Bio Hunters against the powerful politician Seijuro Tabe. (Directed by Yuzo Sato)

IMDB: 5.6 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.0 | Average: 5.8

41. Vampire’s Kiss (1989)

Vampire's Kiss

A publishing executive is visited and bitten by a vampire and starts exhibiting erratic behavior. He pushes his secretary to extremes as he tries to come to terms with his affliction. The vampire continues to visit and drink his blood, and as his madness deepens, it begins to look as if some of the events he’s experiencing may be hallucinations. (Directed by Robert Bierman)

IMDB: 5.1 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.5 | Average: 5.8

40. Rabid (1977)


After undergoing radical surgery for injuries from a motorcycle accident, a young woman (former adult film star Marilyn Chambers) develops a strange phallic growth on her body and a thirst for human blood - the only nourishment that will now sustain her. She prowls the city of Montreal, using her sexual powers to attract victims, who she then infects with a particularly virulent strain of rabies. David Cronenberg’s horror film explores the relationships between sex and violence, between bodily disintegration and the disintegration of society. (Directed by David Cronenberg)

IMDB: 6.2 | Rotten Tomatoes: 5.5 | Average: 5.85

39. Love at First Bite (1979)

Love at First Bite

When Count Dracula spots the beautiful Cindy Sondheim in a magazine, he vows to make her his own - eternally. But first, the 700-year-old Count must learn how to keep up with her in the hustle and bustle of 20th-century New York City. (Directed by Stan Dragoti)

IMDB: 5.8 | Rotten Tomatoes: 5.9 | Average: 5.85

38. Nadja (1994)


This ultra-hip, post-modern vampire tale is set in contemporary New York City. Members of a dysfunctional family of vampires are trying to come to terms with each other, in the wake of their father’s death. Meanwhile, they are being hunted by Dr. Van Helsing and his hapless nephew. As in all good vampire movies, forces of love are pitted against forces of destruction. (Directed by Michael Almereyda)

IMDB: 5.5 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.2 | Average: 5.85

37. Blood and Donuts (1995)

Blood and Donuts

When a vampire awakens after a 27-year hibernation, he scours the local graveyard for fresh blood. Coming up empty-fanged, his search takes him to the local donut shop where he becomes involved in the lives of a sarcastic waitress and a not-too-bright cabbie. (Directed by Holly Dale)

IMDB: 5.7 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.1 | Average: 5.9

36. Blood: The Last Vampire (2000)

Blood The Last Vampire

An anime tale of vampires set in 1966 at Yakota Air Force Base, an American military compound in Japan which has been invaded by a league of shape-shifting vampires known as Chiropterans. It’s up to Saya, a grim woman of mysterious origin, and her magic sword to rid the base, and the planet, of these unwelcome and menacing monsters. (Directed by Hiroyuki Kitakubo)

IMDB: 6.6 | Rotten Tomatoes: 5.3 | Average: 5.95

35. Vampire Effect (2003) AKA The Twins Effect

Vampire Effect AKA The Twins Effect

With the help of a high-kicking Hong Kong bus driver, two girls just wanting to have fun confront the grave responsibility of safekeeping the world from vampire domination. (Directed by Dante Lam)

IMDB: 5.6 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.3 | Average: 5.95

34. The Addiction (1995)

The Addiction

Kathleen Conklin is an NYU philosophy student desperate to understand how the complex moral maxims of Nietzche and Heidegger can explain a world in which a My Lai or Dachau is possible. Her abstract contemplations soon turn brutally real when a vampire’s bite awakens her own unacknowledged thirst for blood. Kathleen’s increasing depravity leads to her moral fall and ultimate redemption. (Directed by Abel Ferrara)

IMDB: 5.9 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.2 | Average: 6.05

33. John Badham’s Dracula (1979)

John Badham's Dracula

When a barge is wrecked off the shores of Whitby the only survivor is Count Dracula who has arrived with large amounts of Transylvanian soil to take up residence in Carfax Abbey. He makes friends with Dr Seward who runs the local asylum and with his daughter Lucy, her friend Mina, and with Jonathan Harker, Lucy’s solicitor fiance. But almost immediately, Mina dies from loss of blood, and just possibly this may not be a coincidence. (Directed by John Badham)

IMDB: 5.9 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.2 | Average: 6.05

32. Night Watch (2004) AKA Nochnoy Dozor

Night Watch AKA Nochnoy Dozor

Among normal humans live the “Others” possessing various supernatural powers. They are divided up into the forces of light and the forces of the dark, who signed a truce several centuries ago to end a devastating battle. Ever since, the forces of light govern the day while the night belongs to their dark opponents. In modern day Moscow the dark Others actually roam the night as vampires while a “Night Watch” of light forces, among them Anton, the movie’s protagonist, try to control them and limit their outrage. (Directed by Timur Bekmambetov)

IMDB: 6.4 | Rotten Tomatoes: 5.9 | Average: 6.15

31. Blade II (2002)

Blade II

Blade, still consumed by a desire to avenge the curse of his birth, must again save the human race from a blood-drenched Armageddon. He aligns himself with a high-powered team of vampires to take on a greater evil than either has ever faced - a new kind of super-vampire that is itself on a vicious hunt to eradicate both races. (Directed by Guillermo Del Toro)

IMDB: 6.5 | Rotten Tomatoes: 5.9 | Average: 6.2

30. Blade (1998)


The story of a semi-human African-American superhero who battles evil, bloodsucking vampires. Blade is half vampire but has devoted his life to killing vampires, with the help of Whistler, a human vampire hunter. His nemesis is Frost, a vampire who aims to take over the world, enslaving humanity. With the help of haematologist Karen, Blade battles Frost and the evil Blood God. (Directed by Stephen Norrington)

IMDB: 6.9 | Rotten Tomatoes: 5.6 | Average: 6.25

29. Vampire Hunter D (1985)

Vampire Hunter D

It is the distant future, Supernatural creatures are controlling the small civilizations left on Earth. A beautiful young woman, Doris, has been bitten by Count Magnus Lee for trespassing in his domain while hunting for demons threatening her home. Fearing that her life will be controlled by the Count, Doris hires and offers herself to a man known only as “D”, a vampire hunter with a dark past, to hunt down and destroy the Count, end his thirst, and save Doris from a life of eternal damnation. (Directed by Toyou Ashida)

IMDB: 6.8 | Rotten Tomatoes: 5.7 | Average: 6.25

28. Brides of Dracula (1960)

Brides of Dracula

A young teacher on her way to a position in Transylvania helps a young man escape the shackles his mother has put on him. In so doing she innocently unleashes the horrors of the undead once again on the populace, including those at her school for ladies. Luckily for some, Dr Van Helsing is already on his way. (Directed by Terence Fisher)

IMDB: 6.7 | Rotten Tomatoes: 5.8 | Average: 6.25

27. Dracula’s Daughter (1936)

Dracula's Daughter

Professor Van Helsing has done the world a favor by driving a stake through the heart of Count Dracula and thus destroying him. For his trouble, Scotland Yard charges him with murder. Dr. Jeffrey Garth, a psychiatrist, may be able to act as an attorney and defend him in court, but Garth finds he has his own troubles when the Countess Marya Zaleska seeks his help. She wants to be released from her desire to drink the blood of the living. She steals the corpse of her father, Count Dracula, and burns it ritually, but can’t escape the thirst for blood. (Directed by Lambert Hillyer)

IMDB: 6.4 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.1 | Average: 6.25

26. Vampyres (1974)

Vampyres (1974)

This English-made horror thriller is the story of two female vampires who hitchhike along a deserted highway in the English countryside, luring unsuspecting drivers to their gothic mansion for a night of passion - followed by the victim’s murder at the hands of the femme fatales. (Directed by Jose Ramon Larraz)

IMDB: 6.1 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.4 | Average: 6.25

25. House of Dracula (1945)

House of Dracula (1945)

Another horror feast featuring the Wolfman, Dracula and the Frankenstein monster, with a female hunchbacked assistant thrown in for good measure. They have all come to Dr. Edelman seeking cures for their monstrous conditions, but the angry villagers, torches ready, don’t appreciate the  good doctor’s clientele. (Directed by Erle C. Kenton)

IMDB: 5.6 | Rotten Tomatoes: 7.0 | Average: 6.3

24. Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (2001)

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

Jesus Christ has finally returned to Earth–but before he can judge the living and the dead, he must contend with a nearly indestructible army of vampires! Luckily, he has sidekicks - the foxy Mary Magnum and legendary god of Mexican wrestling, El Santos. Music, kung-fu, and good-natured blasphemy collide in this oddball, action-packed horror/comedy. (Directed by Lee Gordon Demarbre)

IMDB: 5.5 | Rotten Tomatoes: 7.2 | Average: 6.35

23. The Monster Squad (1987)

The Monster Squad

Young kids form a club that is devoted to monsters, but soon get more than they bargained for when Count Dracula adjourns to Earth, accompanied by Frankenstein’s Monster, the Wolfman, the Mummy, and the Gillman. The uglies are in search of a powerful amulet that will grant them power to rule the world. Our heroes - the Monster Squad are the only ones daring to stand in their way. (Directed by Fred Dekker)

IMDB: 6.8 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.1 | Average: 6.45

22. Salem’s Lot (1979)

Salem's Lot (1979)

Salem’s Lot is loosely based on the great Stephen King novel of the same title. Salem’s Lot is a town which a new member, Mr. Straker, has taken as his new “home”, and has a mysterious partner, namely Mr. Barlow. Not too long after Straker arrives in Salem’s Lot, people start disappearing from sight and dying from odd causes. No one is sure why, including Ben Mears who is in town to write a new book on the town’s rumored haunted house, which hides a terrible secret. (Directed by Tobe Hooper)

IMDB: 6.4 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.5 | Average: 6.45

21. The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967)

The Fearless Vampire Killers

This spoof on vampire lore centers around a pair of hunters roaming the Slovenian countryside to catch the elusive creatures. The old bat researcher, professor Abronsius and his assistant, Alfred, go to a remote Transylvanian village looking for vampires. Alfred falls in love with the inn-keeper’s young daughter Sarah. However, she has been spotted by the mysterious count Krolock who lives in a dark and creepy castle outside the village. (Directed by Roman Polanski)

IMDB: 7.1 | Rotten Tomatoes: 5.9 | Average: 6.5

20. The Last Man on Earth (1964)

The Last Man on Earth

A man survives a global plague only to be stalked nightly by zombie-like victims who call out his name. Vincent Price stars as Robert Morgan, a scientist who tried desperately to come up with a cure for an airborne virus that was killing people around the globe. Although he could not develop a serum in time to save his family, he himself seems to be immune from the disease. Thus, he is left to wander the streets by day, staking zombies, then barricading himself in his house each night as the zombies try to break in and kill him. (Directed by Sidney Salkow)

IMDB: 6.9 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.1 | Average: 6.5

19. From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

From Dusk Till Dawn

Seth Gecko and his younger brother Richard are on the run after a bloody bank robbery in Texas. They escape across the border into Mexico and will be home-free the next morning, when they pay off the local kingpin. They just have to survive ‘from dusk till dawn’ at the rendezvous point, which turns out to be a strip joint infested with vampires. (Directed by Robert Rodriguez)

IMDB: 6.9 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.1 | Average: 6.5

18. The Lost Boys (1987)

The Lost Boys

Financial troubles force a recent divorcee and her teenage sons Mike and Sam to settle down with her father in the California town of Santa Carla. At first, Sam laughs off rumours he hears about vampires who inhabit the small town. But after Mike meets a beautiful girl at the local amusement park, he begins to exhibit the classic signs of vampirism. Fearing for his own safety, Sam recruits two young vampire hunters to save his brother by finding and destroying the head vampire. (Directed by Joel Schumacher)

IMDB: 6.8 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.3 | Average: 6.55

17. Day Watch (2006) AKA Dnevnoy Dozor

Day Watch AKA Dnevnoy Dozor

A horror tale set in contemporary Moscow that revolves around the conflict and balance maintained between the forces of light and darkness - the result of a medieval truce between the opposing sides. This ancient war between the forces of Light and Darkness is reaching a tragic outcome. Each side has gained a powerful Great Other, who are headed for a clash, and Anton Gorodetsky is once again caught up in the midst of things. (Directed by Timur Bekmambetov)

IMDB: 7.1 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.1 | Average: 6.6

16. Sundown: The Vampire In Retreat (1991)

Sundown The Vampire In Retreat

A colony of vampires takes over a ghost town of Purgatory, and under the leadership of Jozef Mardulak are developing a method of making artificial plasma. But another elder, Jefferson, who abhors the idea of vampires being anything other than predators, organizes a revolution. At the same time, a descendant of the original Abraham Van Helsing shows up, trying to fulfil his family destiny. (Directed by Anthony Hickox)

IMDB: 6.5 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.9 | Average: 6.7

15. Interview with the Vampire (1994)

Interview with the Vampire

In 1791, plantation owner Louis De Pointe Du Lac is unhappy with the life he has, until Lestat De Lioncourt comes into his life. Lestat, a vampire, allows Louis to make the decision of either death or life as a vampire forever. And until his decision is already made, does Louis realize what he has become. He refuses to take human life and is about to leave when Lestat, being the clever being that he is, turns a little orphan girl into a vampire to make Louis stay. (Directed by Neil Jordan)

IMDB: 7.3 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.5 | Average: 6.9

14. Shadow of the Vampire (2000)

Shadow of the Vampire

A fictionalized account of the making of director F. W. Murnau’s classic silent horror film “Nosferatu” (Germany/1922) and Murnau’s obsession with lending the film authenticity. Without alerting the rest of his cast, director Murnau finds an actual vampire to take on the name of actor Max Schreck and play the king of the undead. (Directed by E. Elias Merhige)

IMDB: 6.8 | Rotten Tomatoes: 7.0 | Average: 6.9

13. Fright Night (1985)

Fright Night

Charlie Brewster (William Ragsdale) believes that his next door neighbour Jerry Dandridge (Chris Sarandon) is a vampire. His belief is strengthened when mysterious deaths of girls are reported. When Dandridge confronts Charlie in his own bedroom one night and tries to kill him, Charlie concludes that the monster must be destroyed. But since nobody believes his story he enlists the help of Peter Vincent, the vampire killer from his favourite horror TV show, who is in fact sceptical about vampires existing for real. (Directed by Tom Holland)

IMDB: 6.6 | Rotten Tomatoes: 7.2 | Average: 6.9

12. The Night Stalker (1972)

The Night Stalker

A vampire is loose in Las Vegas, stalking unsuspecting victims. Reporter Carl Kolchak (Darrin McGavin) is hot on his trail, but nobody believes him. His editor thinks he’s nuts, the police think he’s a hinders the investigation, so Kolchak takes matters into his own hands to rid Vegas of the blood sucking menace. (Directed by John Llewellyn Moxey)

IMDB: 7.6 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.3 | Average: 6.95

11. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

Bram Stoker's Dracula

This version of Dracula is closely based on Bram Stoker’s classic novel of the same name. A young lawyer (Jonathan Harker) is assigned to a gloomy village in the mists of eastern Europe. He is captured and imprisoned by the undead vampire Dracula, who travels to London, inspired by a photograph of Harker’s betrothed, Mina Murray. In Britain, Dracula begins a reign of seduction and terror, draining the life from Mina’s closest friend, Lucy Westenra. Lucy’s friends gather together to try to drive Dracula away. (Directed by Francis Ford Coppola)

IMDB: 7.2 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.7 | Average: 6.95

10. Cronos (1993)


In 1535, an alchemist builds an extraordinary mechanism encapsulated into a small golden device. The invention, designed to convey eternal life to its owner, survives its maker until 1997 when it shows up to an antiquarian. Fascinated with the strange device, Gris doesn’t notice that there’s more than one person looking for it. The promise of eternal life has become an obsession to old and sick Mr. De la Guardia. He and his nephew will do anything to get the “Cronos Invention”. (Directed by Guillermo del Toro)

IMDB: 6.7 | Rotten Tomatoes: 7.3 | Average: 7.0

9. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (2000)


It is many thousand years in the future. Vampires once ruled the night but have seen their numbers reduced by fearless bounty hunters. One such hunter is D, the halfbreed son of a human mother and vampire father. When a girl from a rich family is taken from her home by the vampire Meier Link, her father contracts both D and the Markus brothers (a rival group of hunters) to race to retrieve her. As the heroes fight their way through Meier’s hired guards, they begin to suspect that the girl may have gone with him willingly. (Directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri)

IMDB: 7.7 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.4 | Average: 7.05

8. Dracula: Pages from a Virgin’s Diary (2002)

Dracula Pages from a Virgin's Diary

A ballet rendition of Bram Stoker’s gothic novel Dracula, presented in a style reminiscent of the silent expressionistic cinema of the early 20th Century. This work employs the subtle and sometimes bold use of color to emphasize its themes, but mainly is presented in black-and-white, or tinted in monochrome. No spoken dialogue can be heard, and the story of a sinister but intriguing immigrant who preys upon young English women unfolds through dance, pantomime and subtitles. (Directed by Guy Maddin)

IMDB: 7.0 | Rotten Tomatoes: 7.4 | Average: 7.2

7. Near Dark (1987)

Near Dark

A young cowboy is seduced by a new girl in town only to find out he has been kissed by a vampire. Slowly turning into a creature of the night, he is persuaded to join up with the girl and a roaming band of ghouls. But when his own father and sister become targets in the vampires’ endless search for ‘food,’ he is forced to choose between loyalty to the vampires, or loyalty his own family. (Directed by Kathryn Bigelow)

IMDB: 7.0 | Rotten Tomatoes: 7.5 | Average: 7.25

6. Horror of Dracula (1958)

Horror of Dracula

After Jonathan Harker attacks Dracula at his castle somewhere in Germany, the vampire travels to a nearby city, where he preys on the family of Harker’s fiancée. The only one who may be able to protect them is Dr. van Helsing, Harker’s friend and fellow-student of vampires, who is determined to destroy Dracula, whatever the cost. (Directed by Terence Fisher)

IMDB: 7.8 | Rotten Tomatoes: 6.9 | Average: 7.35

5. Martin (1977)


George Romero does for vampires what he has already done to zombies - an intense and realistic treatment that follows the exploits of Martin, who claims to be 84 years old, and who certainly drinks human blood. The boy arrives in Pittsburg to stay with his uncle, who promises to save Martin’s soul and destroy him once he is finished, but Martin’s loneliness finds other means of release. (Directed by George A. Romero)

IMDB: 7.2 | Rotten Tomatoes: 7.6 | Average: 7.4

4. Black Sunday (1960)

Black Sunday

A Bavarian princess, burned at the stake with her lover for being a witch, comes to life after three hundred years to enact the curse of revenge on her remaining family members. (Directed by Mario Bava)

IMDB: 7.5 | Rotten Tomatoes: 7.5 | Average: 7.5

3. Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979)

Nosferatu the Vampyre

Stark, symbolic cinematography and intensely stylized performances create what Werner Herzog refers to as a different plane of reality, injecting the age-old tale of Count Dracula with a modern sense of mysticism, desire, and wonder. Frequent Herzog collaborator Klaus Kinski portrays the Dracula character with a silent intensity, tingeing the vampire’s inhuman monstrosity with a deep sense of pathos and longing. Completing a stellar international cast are Bruno Ganz and French film star Isabelle Adjani, both giving subtle yet compelling performances as the formerly happy couple who fall prey to Dracula’s lust for life and love. (Directed by Werner Herzog)

IMDB: 7.4 | Rotten Tomatoes: 7.7 | Average: 7.55

2. Dracula (1931)

Dracula (1931)

After a harrowing ride through the Carpathian mountains in eastern Europe, Renfield enters castle Dracula to finalize the transferral of Carfax Abbey in London to Count Dracula, who is in actuality a vampire. Renfield is drugged by the eerily hypnotic count, and turned into one of his thralls, protecting him during his sea voyage to London.

After sucking the blood and turning the young Lucy Weston into a vampire, Dracula turns his attention to her friend Mina Seward, daughter of Dr. Seward who then calls in a specialist, Dr. Van Helsing, to diagnose the sudden deterioration of Mina’s health. Van Helsing, realizing that Dracula is indeed a vampire, tries to prepare Mina’s fiance, John Harker, and Dr. Seward for what is to come and the measures that will have to be taken to prevent Mina from becoming one of the undead. (Directed by Tod Browning)

IMDB: 7.7 | Rotten Tomatoes: 7.8 | Average:7.75

1. Nosferatu (1922)


F.W. Murnau’s German silent classic is the original and some say scariest Dracula adaptation, taking Bram Stoker’s novel and turning it into a haunting, shadowy dream full of dread. Count Orlok, the rodentlike vampire frighteningly portrayed by Max Schreck, is perhaps the most animalistic screen portrayal of a vampire ever filmed.

With the influence of producer and production designer Albin Grau, the film established one of two main depictions of film vampires. The “Nosferatu-type” is a living corpse with rodent features (especially elongated fingernails and incisors), associated with rats and plague, and neither charming nor erotic but rather totally repugnant. The victims usually die and are not turned into vampires themselves. (Directed by F.W. Murnau)

Though they aren’t movies we just had to mention the following also:

Ultraviolet (1998)


Ultraviolet is a six hour British miniseries that takes place in a world where vampires have lived with humans for centuries and have gone mostly undetected. However, this changes when detective Michael Colefield investigates the strange disappearance of his partner and discovers a  troubling alternate reality where vampires seem to control a number of important aspects of society. Because of this experience, Michael is recruited by the government’s vampire squad, the CIB, an elite team of agents who are trying to hunt down this society of vampires. A dark, brooding series that plays like a mix of X-Files and Prime Suspect, Ultraviolet is one of the most engrossing series to appear on the small screen in years. (Directed by Joe Ahearne)

IMDB: 8.5 | Rotten Tomatoes: N/A

Hellsing (2006)


Hellsing follows Alucard and police girl-turned-vampire Seras Victoria as they exterminate the vampires and other creatures of the night for England’s Hellsing Organization. Hellsing is unique in that it takes much of itself from late 19th century and early 20th century Western fiction. It includes themes primarily from H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu works and Bram Stoker’s Dracula, rolled together with some fast-paced action sequences. The main characters are part of the Hellsing organization, which may have been inspired by the Lovecraftian Miskatonic University’s Wilmarth Foundation, an organization formed for fighting demons and the undead. (Directed by Hideki Tonokatsu and Tomokazu 

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